Consulting services

ecoprog is advising energy companies, utilities, disposal companies, plant operators, manufacturers, suppliers, associations, political decision makers, players promoting economic development and research institutions, both in the public and private segments of the environmental and energy management industries.

Our services focus on analysing specific parts of an industry. The key components of our consulting services are:
Market and competition analyses

  • Potential analyses and economic feasibility studies
  • Strategic consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions / market due diligence
  • Material flow analyses


Further examples of our consulting services include: market evaluation about the structure of electricity generation from biomass in Europe (on behalf of a European boiler manufacturer), an analysis of selected European waste markets (on behalf of a Japanese multi-industry company) and the elaboration of the regional potential for a sewage sludge incineration plant (on behalf of a municipal company from Germany).

Our consulting services are based on our extensive experience with consulting projects, our strong methodical skills and our professional project management. For many projects, we furthermore rely on exclusive market knowledge and our international network that has grown over the past years thanks to our monitoring activities and the research for our multi-client studies.

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