ecoprog is a consultancy specialising in the fields of environmental and energy technology. In these markets ecoprog is working as a market consultant for 18 years as an established industry insider. Typical activities of ecoprog include market and competition analysis, commercial due diligence, economic feasibility studies and material flow analysis. Examples of our work are

  • Potential analysis for biowaste AD plants,
  • Survey of the market for of grinding and shredding technologies in waste management, or
  • Set up a forecast model for waste amounts, capacities and prices in the thermal waste treatment.

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ecoprog is the leading provider of market intelligence in the global waste and bioenergy industry. ecoprog scans the global market as part of its waste & bio Infrastructure Monitor, publishing around 100 news and updates on infrastructure projects every week. In the waste & bio Data, there is online access to more than 20,000 waste management and bionergy facilities, including essential key data such as capacity, input or operator. In a large number of market and trend studies on selected topics in the waste and bio industry, ecoprog offers valid analyses and assessments of segments and trend topics.


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