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Biogas to Energy – The World Market for Biogas Plants

The worldwide construction of new biogas plants will continue in the next 10 years. Between 2016 and 2025, the installed capacity will increase from around 7,000 MWel to 9,600 MWel, while the number of biogas plants will grow from circa 12,000 to 15,000.

Subsidies for electricity, heat or fuel produced in biogas facilities will remain the main driver for this development. However, as many (especially European) countries cut their support schemes, this development will not be as dynamic as in the early 2010s. These reductions show the most severe impacts in the formerly dominating German market.

Many market players are thus exploring new ways for doing business. Apart from tapping new international sales markets, many technology providers are currently developing their service business related to optimising existing plants (repowering).

Against this backdrop, ecoprog has once again analysed, together with local partners, the global market for biogas plants. This is the fourth edition of our study.

The market study “Biogas to Energy” includes:

  • a detailed analysis of the essential political, economic, managerial and technological trends for constructing and operating biogas plants
  • a concrete description of the current and future market volumes by country, up to and including 2025, based on a transparent and comprehensible methodology
  • the description of more than 7,300 biogas plants, including essential technical data such as capacity, date of commissioning, used substrates as well as contact addresses – these plants represent about 85% of the worldwide installed electrical capacity from biogas
  • the description of more than 770 new construction projects, over 140 of which are currently being built. These projects are also listed with technical data and contact details
  • a presentation and analysis of the most important biogas plant operators and manufacturers

The study is available in English and German language starting from 4,400.- EUR plus VAT. Please see the extract or the online order form for details.


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