How we work

As leading market consultants, we at ecoprog are experts in the fields of environmental and energy technology. We show a strong and continuous presence in our target markets, and generating our own data is of utmost importance for our work. ecoprog work both bottom-up and top-down – putting us at a distinct advantage over most of our competitors.

Collecting information is the first step of each ecoprog project. In some industries, e.g. waste and recycling management or energy recovery from biomass, we are across the latest news on a daily basis. Our process includes screening the most relevant media for the respective industries, e.g. websites, scientific magazines and daily newspapers. We cover the world’s most important markets in multiple languages. In some countries, we even have our own correspondents. This way, we instantly up-to-date on important industry news, law amendments, development of new projects, company takeovers and the latest investments.

We then summarise all relevant information and distribute this to clients as a weekly Monitor. Each Monitor contains about 80 to 100 news items. This information is also used to keep our global waste & bio industry infrastructure databases up to date.

Finally, we create systematic market analyses of the most important markets – some of which we update annually. Our Monitor is only one source of information for these reports, our databases representing another important one. We conduct interviews with authorities or local environmental and energy agencies. We also evaluate national legislation, plant registers, programmes and plans, and we talk to academic experts. We talk to important suppliers and compare their information with our data. If necessary, we will also assign subcontractors in selected target markets. 

The results of this research are published as market studies. These explain everything you need to know about a specific industry, covering European as well as global markets. At the same time, the key findings of these studies will likewise be transferred to our databases. Networking with the industry experts is also very important to us. Thanks to consistent research for our regularly published studies, we are continuously communicating with our industry experts or hiring them as subcontractors.

ecoprog’s consulting services are a combination of our background knowledge, the databases we keep on updating continuously and our global network of experts – complemented by our well-grounded analytical skills and professional project management. Our consulting services focus on economic feasibility studies, strategic consulting, commercial due diligence and sales support. The knowledge gained within the scope of these projects also increases our market understanding, and thus the quality of our monitoring services, databases and market studies.

Many of ecoprog’s employees began their careers as students, writing the news items for our Monitor. As young professionals, they work as analysts, gathering deeper industry knowledge by contributing to our multi-client studies, before handling individual consulting projects for specific clients.